Rene Alvarez
  Carlos Lamas
  Joel Someillan
Guitar & Vocals
ERUPTION first got together in their teens in the early 80’s. Using a beat-up PA and shabby instruments, they performed at dances all over Miami, Florida - playing the songs of their idols. They amassed a loyal following and filled up dance halls almost every weekend. The energy of the band was contagious.

Their shows were tributes to the musical heroes - the artists that made them and their friends stay up all night listening to cassettes and mix tapes of the underground scene. They stayed in line and bought tickets for U2’s Unforgettable Fire tour, the Police’s Synchronicity tour, INXS’s Listen Like Thieves tour and many others. But once high school was over, the boys went their seperate ways.

In 2006, St. Brendan High School in Miami, Florida went seeking for the boys to help them celebrate their 20th High School Reunion. They found 'em...and from the moment the boys hit that first note, they fell in love with the music all over again.

So now we fast forward 25 years and we find ERUPTION is back and bringing the 80’s music scene alive again with a vengeance. When ERUPTION does the 80’s, they do it with all the energy and abandon they brought to the music when they were 15 years old. Hear it from the kids who loved and lived 80's music all those years ago.

Remember the spiked hair, suede boots and occasional eyeliner of the 80s? Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Luckily, there were more chemicals in our hair than in our bodies. Check out these pics from some of our shows back in the 80s.


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